Hexacopter Large Drone UAV 1100mm

DJI Matrice 600 S1000 S900

Price: £720.00

Product Details

Material :


Required Assembly :

Almost Ready/ARR/ARF (Accs required)

Fuel Type :


Age Level :

17 Years & Up


Does Not Apply

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What the Seller Says

I will sell a hexacopter with a flight weight of up to 13.5kg. Fully functional. Carbon fiber frame. Motors practically new - approx. 30 min. flight. Specifications - Tarot carbon fiber frame, folding chassis, 6 X Dualsky xm7015hd 330kv motor, 6 X Dualsky PCU60 motor controller, 6 X MRP20 "Dualsky wooden propeller.Retractable landing gear. Suitable for hanging Zenmuse Z15 DJ stabilizers. No flight controller. Only Europe buyers - large and weight package.