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DJI Spark Drone Alpine White - B-Grade RC587

Price: £320.00

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DJI Spark

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What the Seller Says

Ex demo model in excellent condition and seen minimal use. Only the battery has been used. Craft is new but has been tested to ensure battery was working. No manufacturers warranty. Seize The MomentThe DJI Spark is a palm sized craft. The spark is designed to be compact and extremely portable and has introduced as well as improved on many of DJI's signature features and technologies. The Spark allows up to 16 minutes of flight time, a record for a drone of this small size and will also have a maximum control range of 1.2 miles. In sports mode this craft can fly at 50kph. Quick Launch and Simple ControlWith the new FaceAware system, the DJI Spark can start up and take off straight from your hand just by recognising you. Simply hold it up and press the power button. Similar to what we first saw with the Mavic, DJI have now improved on the hand gestures used to control several features. Using just the palm of your hand, you can control and move the aircraft as well as take photos. You no longer require a controller or mobile device. HD Camera and 2-Axis GimbalThe Spark features 1/2.3" sensor, one slightly bigger than those on most smartphones. It also features a Full HD camera unit capable of recording 1080p footage at up to 30fps and has the ability to take 12MP stills. The camera is integrated into a 2-axis gimbal. This mechanical gimbal and it's use of DJI's ultrasmooth technology will keep your video footage incredibly smooth and shake free. Intelligent Flight ModesDJI have made even further improvements to features first seen on the Phantom 4 as well as introducing some new ones. QuickShot - A new mode that will enable the Spark to take professional shots for youActiveTrack - First seen on the Phantom 4. ActiveTrack will lock on to objects of varying shapes and sizes and will accurately track them thanks to the computerised visual tracking system.TapFly - TapFly enabled the user to simply tap an area on your phone screen and the drone will fly there while still using the obstacle avoidance system.Gesture - The Spark can take off from, land on and be moved around with just your hand using the Palmcontrol side of this feature.In addition to this you can gesture a framing action with your fingers to take a picture. These new modes have certainly opened up a lot opportunities for those looking to get precise video footage in unique ways. As well as being extremely fun to play around with. QuickShot FeatureThe QuickShot feature introduces 4 new modes for taking photos and video. Rocket - With this mode enabled, the camera will face straight down and the drone will ascendDronie - The camera will lock and focus on the subject and then start to fly backwards and upwardsCircle - The Spark will lock onto a subject and fly in a circle around itHelix - Similar to the circle mode, Helix will start to circle/spiral the subject while slowly getting further away. DJI Go 4 App and New Shooting ModesThe GO 4 App is DJI's latest app used with their most recent releases. New features have been integrated into this app for use with the Spark. The main highlight now being how incredibly easy it has become to edit together photos and videos to a professional level in just seconds. This new editing feature comes with a range of templates and filters so you can quickly edit videos and share them straight to social media. One of the new shooting modes is Pano. The Spark will automatically adjust its gimbal and heading and shoot horizontal or vertical panoramas.The other feature is ShallowFocus. This features uses the Sparks 3D vision technology to automatically lock onto the subject and blur out the background.SpecificationsMax Flight Time - 16 minutesMax Speed - 31mph (Sports mode)Dimensions - 143mm × 143mm × 55 mmCamera Sensor - 1/2.3" CMOS - 12MPImage Size - 3968×2976Video Resolution - FHD: 1920×1080 30fpsMax Video Bitrate - 24 MbpsMax Transmission Distance (Controller) - 1.2 miles (clear with no interference)Max Transmission Distance (Smart Device Only) - ~100YardsFlight Battery Capacity - 1480mahFlight Battery Power/Voltage - LiPo 3S 11.4VFlight Battery Energy - 16.87 WhController Battery Capacity - 2970mahGimbal Stabalization - 2-axis mechanical (pitch, roll)Vision System Operating Range - 0-30m Included: 1x DJI Spark, 1x Battery, 1x Charger, 1x Case, 6x Props and 1x Manual