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DJI Mavic Pro Folding Drone 4k Stabilized Camera ZX With Case And Extra Battery

Price: £ 569.72

Product Details

Type :

Ready to Fly Drone

Weight :

1 kg

Model :

DJI Mavic Pro

Non-Domestic Product :


What the Seller Says

What's up guys I'm selling my Dji Mavic Pro I've had it for about a year, however its probably spent the last six months in its flight case. Having a clear out the moment and I would like to find it a good home. It flys amazingly whizzing through the air I've never had a crash with it it's live most of his life in this flight case I'm selling the flight case with the drone and a spare battery also and 16 gig memory card see picture attached I would point out I don't know when but the tiny bolt from the antenna slipped out. It doesn't affect out flies it doesn't affect anything to do with the drone at all its ready to fly as is How ever if you would like to replace it I looked online and it will cost you 70p